Explore Western Australia with our great trip books


Anybody can pull out a map, pick a town and hit the bitumen but you need our specialised 4wd trip books to get you to the best off-road, remote locations.

Each trip is well researched to provide historical background and current attractions and is presented with full colour images, GPS waypoints, trip notes accurate to 10 metres, mapping and campsites identified.

Each book is based on time (Days out of Perth, Weekends out of Perth), region (Goldfields, South Coast etc) or specific route (Holland Track, Hanns Track).

Don't leave town without our 'Explorer Series' trip books - your passport to 4wd adventure in Western Australia.

4WD Weekends out of Perth:

The perfect weekend getaway to camp, explore, fish, swim - it's all here in an easy to follow format showcasing 18 great trips in all directions (except west) from Perth.

4WD Days out
of Perth:

From beach to bush, this is the perfect companion for 4w drivers looking for a day out in the Fourby. Take a picnic, hone your skills with 15 top trips to choose from.

Explore the Holland Track and Cave Hill Woodlines:

This iconic trip to the Western Australian Goldfields follows John Holland's epic journey of 1893. From Broomehill the trip notes take you through wheat belt country then into the bush across sand plain country and salmon gums to Coolgardie and back again via Cave Hill.

4WD Days in the Goldfields of WA:

Immerse yourself in the history, flora and fauna of the Western Australian Goldfields with 16 amazing day trips following bush tracks to old ghost towns, pubs and gold diggings.

Using Southern Cross, Kalgoorlie, Menzies, Coolgardie or Norseman as your base, range out into the Goldfields woodland to capture the romance of an era in WA's mining history.

Hanns Track:

Head for the 5th largest desert in the world - the Great Victoria Desert to follow early explorer Frank Hann in his search for a viable route connecting west to east. This is a very remote region requiring a lot of planning but the journey will enrich your life.

Nothing beats the experience of discovering waterholes and artwork that hints of a civilisation thousands of years old. This book is your passport to the past and a most amazing landscape.

Days on the
South Coast:

Western Australia’s southern shores will amaze you. Words come easily when describing the grandeur of this vast sweep of magnificent coastline. Rugged cliffs sporting rainbows in the sea spray, the mystery of offshore islands; long stretches of untouched beaches that squeak when you walk or drive on them, water so clear you can see the dolphins through each wave as they follow you along the beach. 18 glorious trips to explore our South Coast.

Explore the Pilbara:

20 trips will take you across the oldest landscape on the face of the earth to waterholes, creek lines and towering ranges that support a stunning array of flora and fauna.
Contrasts abound from the grey/green spinifex and red rock massifs sprouting white-barked snappy gums to ancient Aboriginal art side by side with modern mining activity.
Each aspect as awe inspiring as the other.
Nothing on earth compares to the Pilbara.

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